Prostitution is a growing problem in Ethiopia. More and more younger girls are getting trapped in prostitution each year. Recently, E-WAR Team has established and is strengthening the Prevention Program; to begin to reduce the growth of prostitution.

Child Support
Through the years, we as a team have encountered growing number of women who are second and third generation in prostitution. Then as we see the women in our programs, and the number of them with children, which is about 70%, it was clear that by working closely with the mothers and their children would be one strong way of breaking the cycle.

This program begins from providing school materials and fee, to day care for under 4 year olds, summer camps, tutorial classes, a library, sessions with mothers about issues around their children, and play therapy.

Prevention Education
This is mainly off premises educational sessions we would run in schools, communities and churches with vulnerable youth as well as parents and guardians in an effort to create a level of understanding about prostitution.

We also plan to offer mentoring to vulnerable youth soon, though right now we are in the process of gaining and polishing skills and materials for contextualized mentoring.

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