Ellilta- Women At Risk’s transformational/rehabilitation program is designed to serve women who are seeking to leave prostitution, and offers tools, services and encouragement to find solutions to their problems and unlearn some of the learnt behaviors towards a renewed healthy lifestyle.

The person-centered, relationship based rehabilitation program starts by meeting the women on the streets and bars, where they work.

Through various discussions, those who show genuine interest in transformation are invited into a yearlong program. Rehabilitation program includes deep counseling, mentoring and career development. By the end of the year, each woman is expected to have acquired life skills that help her work through past and present life issues positively, and is financially self-sufficient through healthy employment and/or small businesses ownership.

During this time, various supports are also provided, to make the transition possible, and a bit easier. Each women would be provided with a monthly allowance for her basic needs, all medical bills for her and her children are paid for, various supports are offered to ease the burden of being a single mom (see Prevention Programs for detail), and case by case, special needs are addressed as well.

To date, about 90% of the women we have worked with through the years have left prostitution and have stayed away.

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